The Accidental Salesperson, by Chris Lytle
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by Chris Lytle
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Author Chris Lytle had modest career aspirations. He merely wanted to be the next Walter Cronkite. But instead of being offered a job in the newsroom, he was offered a job in the sales department. He took the sales job and became an "accidental salesperson." Most people don't choose sales as a career. Sales chooses them—and they end up wondering how to make the most of a profession they were never prepared for.

You don't have to wonder anymore. In The Accidental Salesperson, Lytle gives readers the road map for excelling in sales. Lively and entertaining, this somewhat unorthodox guide is packed with thought-provoking axioms, humorous and instructive anecdotes, specific strategies, and powerful tools—everything you need to master essential lessons in sales and professionalism.

There are some things The Accidental Salesperson lacks—dull theories, manipulative methods, and high-pressure tactics. But with the wealth of money-generating, career-building techniques it does provide, we don't think those items will be missed!
The Accidental Salesperson is quite probably the most useable book of this type that I have ever read. Chris continually, on nearly every page, gives... useable, tried and tested tools and procedures that can be put to work the very same day.... This is absolutely THE BOOK for an accidental salesperson at any stage of their career who wants to take their business to the next level.  
David R. Kennedy, Phoenix, AZ
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